This is absolutely vile and it makes me angry. It also makes me cry. 
I want to find these children and scream at their parents.
Then I want to find this lady and send her some flowers and give her a hug.

Little demon spawn.  

Trigger warning: This is a really intense ten minutes of sexist, fat hating, classist bullying.

Unbelievable. Is it any surprise that all of these bullies (listed if you click through to Youtube) are boys, and they’ve chosen to pick on an elderly woman? It doesn’t matter that she’s in a position of authority, or their elder, who you’re supposed to respect. All that matters is that she is a woman, and they find her unattractive.

So these teenagers taunt and swear at and insult this poor bus monitor until she cries.

This is patriarchy. This is misogyny. This is the result of a culture that tells boys that even though they are children, they can act as disrespectfully as they want to any woman they want in any position. It’s disgusting, and it needs to stop.

The bright spot in all of this? So many of the people who watched this video were disgusted, and started a campaign donated to Karen the bus monitor, raising almost $100k

What gives me hope is the young boys who made videos on their thoughts on this video who were disgusted by these brats behavior. There is hope out there for young men who are respectful of women! I bet you that these boys taunt other boys as well, but they just got away with it. 

After I saw your comment, I went back and watched some of the reply videos - I totally agree with you. 

I couldn’t watch more than a minute of this without crying. This is why I’m that asshole who stops your fun when you’re making fun of someone. Even if they’re just on television, or can’t hear you. I get so much shit for doing it, but is absolutely not right.

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    looks like it’s reached almost $700k! I rarely donate on the Internet - though I tell myself I should - but I gave some...
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    I looked into this whole story and it looks like there’s a bit of a happy ending to it. She’s getting a vacation and the...
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    I couldn’t watch more than a minute of this without crying. This is why I’m that asshole who stops your fun when you’re...
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    …..I agree with this^ but I also wanna see a gang of old lady friends punch the shit out these fucking brats with canes...
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    part of me hopes that everyone from these little bastards’ school see’s it and these fuckers lose all respect from...
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    This is disgusting. I honestly dont know who i pity more, these children for being a bunch of rotten little shits, or...
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    I would have beaten the motherFUCK out of anyone who rode the bus with me, if they had done something like this. She...
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    I can’t even watch this because I know what they’re going to say… How do I know? Because this woman looks like my...
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    This is so hard to watch… Makes me so sad and angry.
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    The teacher I assist told me about this, I felt so bad and angry. Who would let their kids act this way, and what kind...
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    Cool, you made an old woman cry. Hope you’re proud. That’s someones mother, someones grandmother. Someone who you should...
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    Saw this before, but it really brings back memories of the jerks who used to pull this shit on me on the bus. I think...
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    I can’t. I can’t. The feelings.
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    "“I want to find these children and scream at their parents” Fuck that I’d get each of the little shits and punch them...
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    I can’t bring myself to watch this. I just hope these boys get punished by the school and/or their parents.
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    What the fuck is wrong with these kids!? Each one of them deserves a kick in the face, and then some.
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    Couldn’t watch more than a minute of this. The fuck is wrong with these kids?
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    you guys want to see a video of kids being fucked up? i found one! there are probably a million though, all over the...